Welcome to the READ 3311 Literacy Wiki page!


  • The primary purpose of this Wiki is to serve as a means of communication between classmates and professors.
  • It is also designed to showcase specific literacy related websites, articles, activities, and more.
  • Beyond this, it will house announcements and open up a dscussion forum.
  • Finally, this Wiki will act as a model for your own future Wiki construction assignment.

Getting Sarted with Wikis

Recommended videos on using Wikispaces:
  1. Short Intro to Wikis Wikis in Plain English
  2. Beginner's tips Wikispaces Help
  3. Short videos Wikispaces Tours
  • There is a short video on uploading files and pictures that you might find helpful.


Please open the link for class expectations and an example of a glogster on YAL verse novel.

Sample Wiki