This page houses various presentations and links that will be discussed throughout the semester. In most cases, they are arranged by the week in which we will discuss them.

Class Session
Handouts and Activities
ONE: Intro. to READ 3311, Someplace Special, and initiation of assignments. Discuss
The Reading Act, Emergent Literacy, Books to Begin On, and Environmental Print.

TWO: Discuss Major Approaches and
Materials for Reading Instruction, LEA, Alternatives to Round Robin Reading,
and Readers’ Theater.

THREE: Discuss Comprehension Part I, Artists and Illustrations, and Picture Books. Begin Literature Circles.

FOUR: Continue Literature Circles. Discuss Comprehension Part II, Evaluating and Selecting High Quality Children’s Literature, and Literary Elements.

FIVE: Continue Literature Circles. Discuss Retellings, Word Recognition, and Phonics. Discuss Contemporary Realistic Fiction and Bibliotherapy.

SIX: Continue Literature Circles. Discuss DSA and Word Study, Making Words, Word Walls, Vocabulary, and History of Children’s Literature. Review for Exam One (thru Retellings)

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SEVEN: Exam One. Discuss Active Participation and Classroom Management, Multicultural Literature, Explicit Teaching, and Field Expectations.




ELEVEN: Discuss Teachers as Problem Solvers, Roles of Effective Teachers, and Poetry.
Discuss Assessment and begin IRI and Case Study.

TWELVE: Exam Two. Discuss Framework for Teaching Reading, Selecting Instructional Techniques, and Traditional Literature.

THIRTEEN: Discuss Modern Fantasy. Continue IRI and Case Study.

FOURTEEN: Discuss Technology, Young Adult Literature, Verse and Multi-genre Novels, and Banned Books.

FIFTEEN: Discuss Reading and Study Techniques, Reading in the Content Areas, Reciprocal Teaching, Non-fiction text, Biographies, and Historical Fiction.