Below are power points, handouts, or links that we have or will discuss during class.
Literacy & Reading Spicy Node
Literacy & Reading
Reader Response Theory

Contemporary Realistic Fiction (YAL)
Assessment (Cloze, Formative/Summative, etc.)
Field Placement Intro Letter (Comer's Example)

Booktalks Info

Comprehension Slideshow (please access the following power point for discussion)

Comprehension Strategies

Vocabulary Info

Editing Symbols

Reading Theories

Chapter One: The Reading Act

Young Adult Literature History & Characteristics

Young Adult LIterature: Ways for Arranging Literature

Young Adult Literature: Definition & Rationale for Inclusion

Young Adult Literature Presentation

Link for power points about YAL saved on Youblisher
YAL Annotated Novels List

The National Reading Panel

Language Acquisition (discussed during ESLP 4100)

Difficulties in Writing

The Writing Process

The Writing Process explained w/standards & integration (kindergarten)

The Writing Process, Writing Roulette, Writing Principles

Emergent Literacy and Environmental Print

Evaluating and Selecting Children's Lit, Books to Begin On


Multigenre Novels

Artists and Illustrations

Approaches and Materials for Reading Instruction

History of Children's Literature

Literature Circles


Reciprocal Teaching and Retellings

Traditional Literature

Making Words and Word Walls


Anticipation Guides


IRI and Guided Questions

Study Skills and Content Areas; Biographies

Using Informational Text and More Content Area Strategies

Explicit Instruction

Active Participation and Classroom Mgt